During the 18th century, harpsichords were made all around Europe, but it was England with Shudi and Kirkman who took the lead in quantity. Their instruments were influential and very stable. Like the Ruckers, a century earlier, they were exported to multiple countries. In Potsdam, Frederic the Great owned five Shudi harpsichords, including one chosen by the young Mozart in London. John Broadwood married his teacher Shudi's daughter Barbara. This instrument is equipped with a “Venetian Swell”. This is a construction placed above the strings so that crescendo and decrescendo are made possible. 

Technical data:

  • Inscription: Burkat Shudi et Johannes Broadwood patetn. No 842 Londini Fecerunt 1778
  • Compass: 5 octave (FF-GG-f''')
  • Keyboard: naturals in ivory with moulded boxwood fronts, sharps in ebony
  • Registers: 2x8', 1x4', lute on 8'
  • Pedals: one, operating the machine and the venetion swell
  • Dimensions: L 234 cm / W 99 cm
  • Case: mahogany case, cross-banded and line inlaid, with cast brass strap lid hinges. Keywell in burn walnut with bosewood stringing
  • Serial number: 842
  • Chris Maene Collection number: CM 37 182
  • Condition: partly restored in the past
  • Location: 2 - Museum "Chris Maene Collection" Ruiselede

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